Reliable Water Delivery

To guarantee all households and businesses have access to clean, high-quality water whenever you turn on the tap, this board instituted a thorough infrastructure review.

Because we're fortunate to have very low staff turnover, SLVWD personnel were able to give us detailed information about the many miles of old or undersized pipes that are the legacy of merging the many small water providers that used to dot the Valley.

In addition, we instituted a lengthy workshop process that allowed ratepayers to give us input about high-priority infrastructure projects.

Using all this input, the SLVWD put together a detailed Capital Improvement Plan. The plan not only addresses old, leaking tanks and mains that are wasting water and lowering water pressure, it also lays out planned upgrades to wells, storage facilities, and monitoring systems. Once implemented, it will not only improve water delivery, but will also enhance fire protection in our service area with bigger water mains, higher water pressure, and more hydrants. This will also help homeowners keep fire insurance costs down as insurance companies consider all these factors when rating premium increases.

We have planned capital-improvement projects throughout the district, and work is already happening on several. On others, we've begun the time-consuming processes of bidding, environmental-impact review, and permitting that any public agency must do for large-scale construction projects.

Go to the SLWD website to see the list of planned projects: SLVWD Capital Improvements Proposed Project List