CHUCK BAUGHMAN - Candidate for SLVWD Board 2018 Statement

Candidate for San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director
Occupation: Incumbent / District President, Retired Engineer

I have bachelors degrees in math, chemistry, and physics. A resident of the San Lorenzo Valley since 2004, I started volunteering in habitat restoration at local parks in 2007, and donated mapping skills to recipients of SLVWD watershed education grants in 2011. While on the Board, I have worked hard on the two most important endeavors the water district has undertaken in a long time: effectively addressing deteriorated infrastructure and planning for a secure, resilient long-term water supply.

With windfall reserves from the 2000 Waterman Gap sale gone, the Board made the difficult decision to raise rates to finance the necessary level of capital replacement. We have already started five pipeline replacement projects, three tank replacement projects, one booster pump upgrade, and a well replacement—in addition to repair of extensive storm damage. My participation in planning for a secure water future took a major step forward in 2016 when a committee was formed to create a state-mandated agency to address lowered groundwater levels and depleted streams. I am now a director on, and the vice-chair of, that agency.

Re-elect me to the board so I can help complete the important work we have begun.,