Candidate for San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director
Occupation: Appointed Incumbent / Finance Manager

Thank you for this opportunity to serve as a Director. I have served the District as the citizen member of the Budget & Finance standing committee since Jan, 2016 and as interim Director appointed to take the place of Eric Hammer on June 21, 2018.

I've been a resident of the San Lorenzo Valley since 1999, when I purchased a home near Felton. Our neighborhood, Olympia Circle, had its own water company that was established around 1950, and I served as President for several years around 2005. It was during my tenure we determined it was impractical in the post-911 regulatory environment to continue as a 50-connection operation and started a process to merge with the SLVWD, which was completed successfully in 2015. My primary contribution to the project was to prepare and submit the initial application for the state revolving loan funds that eventually paid for the merger.

My regular employment is with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Palo Alto working in their Global Financial Services group as a Partner Development Manager. My job involves working with executives at key public and private sector HPE customers to help them create and manage complex financial strategies that enable them to acquire the technology they need while keeping their expenditures as efficient as possible. During my career, and in my current position, I have become very proficient at analyzing complex business and financial situations and have demonstrated excellence in developing creative, out-of-the-box solutions. For example, I recently helped Fife School District in Tacoma, Washington accelerate their "Fife Forward" rollout of HP laptops to all 3,900 students in their district. This was a locally funded initiative that was originally going to take over 2 years, as it was funded by property taxes; but, I worked with the district to structure a complex financing alternative, allowing them to compress the deployment into 6 months.

You can read about this project at

I was raised in a small midwestern town and I value neighbors working together and community service. I try to be a peacemaker, and focus on solutions that help bring people together.

During my service on the Budget & Finance committee, I facilitated the effort in May 2017 to end the Lompico Surcharge at the end of 2017. One key to that success was to create a validated analysis, with Staff buy-in, demonstrating the surcharge was no longer required; and, then packaging and presenting it so the Board could take quick action. Another key has been to build good relationships with Staff, Directors, and stakeholders in the community. In particular, I worked with a number of ratepayers from Lompico on the Surcharge repeal project and believe those relationships will help as the District mitigates the most recent Grand Jury findings.

Finally, I am supportive of local environmental causes - Ocean Advocate level membership at Monterey Bay Aquarium, follower of Julie Packard and the Packard Foundation, and National Weather Service Bay Area (NOAA/NWSBA) spotter for Felton since 1999. I stand ready to take action to protect our unique and beautiful ecotone, as I did on February 3rd marching at the Oceana "Protect Our Coast" rally to protest potential oil drilling in the Monterey Bay.

I would be honored to serve, and, if elected, I promise to promote an even more transparent and friendlier tone for Board-to-customer interactions in the future.

JOHN HAYES - Candidate for SLVWD Board 2018 Statement

I joined the San Lorenzo Valley Water District as an unpaid volunteer on the Budget & Finance Committee in early 2016 and was appointed to the Board in June 2018 to fill a vacancy. With the Committee, I successfully led the effort to eliminate a Lompico surcharge in late 2017, saving Lompico customers $163,934, over $330 per household.

I've lived in Felton since 1999 with my wife, Jimanne, son Shayne, niece Hannah and our two terriers. As a former President of the Olympia Mutual Water Company, I helped initiate its consolidation into SLVWD in 2015. My regular job is finance manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise where I help commercial and public-sector customers find funding for their technology-related projects.

If elected, I will continue to aggressively execute the District's newly overhauled finance and capital-improvement plans, accelerate improvements to the District's customer relations and transparency and take action to reduce legal and consulting expenses. Follow me on Twitter @thereal_jdh, or visit my website for additional information.