GENE RATCLIFFE - Candidate for SLVWD Board 2018 Statement

Candidate for San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director
Occupation: Incumbent

I became interested in water as a teenager during the ‘76-77 drought. That showed me that water is one of the most important issues in California. In our area, responsible management and long-range planning are critical because we are not connected to the state water system. We must be self-sufficient. Protecting our watershed and groundwater resources, and improving infrastructure are my highest priorities.

I have a BS in Geology from UCLA and an MS in Plant Science from Cornell. I have worked in commercial agriculture and habitat restoration; and as a community college teacher in horticulture, integrated pest management, and soil science. I taught water conservation, water quality, and native plant landscaping for seven different water districts and the cooperative extension. I also served for more than a decade as a Planning Commissioner and Housing Advisory Committee member.

I recognize the central role water plays in our community and our economy. As a Director I will continue to make practical, responsible decisions on behalf of ratepayers to ensure the long-range health of the SLV Water District and our local water supply.